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A Diverse City

What you will discover about Richmond is that one incredible thing that stands out – like no other place – the people.

You will feel welcome in Richmond, no matter who you are or where you are from. Richmond has an inclusive and deep cultural fabric going back to the early days of the 20th century when it was evolving from its rural roots. During WWII Richmond continued to advance as a working class town, including refinery, shipyard and manufacturing jobs. People moved here for work from the South, Midwest and other parts of the US, bringing with them a mix of traditions, music and culture and changing the face of this once rural community. Richmond became a symbol of a diverse and industrious workforce and culture. This mix of traditions, religion and culture is interwoven into 21st century Richmond.

Today arts and culture define Richmond as a community, helping to shape its unique identity. Arts and culture are fundamental to the quality of life enjoyed by Richmond residents, whose extensive cultural diversity and historical contributions make Richmond so rich. And the diversity of neighborhoods expresses this richness.

Neighborhoods and housing options offer a whole palette of lifestyle choices. From East Richmond hills homes to the shoreline of Marina Bay and Brickyard Cove Marina’s condos and townhouses, to the denser and affordable housing downtown to the charming cottages and Victorians in Pt. Richmond to the bungalows surrounding the 23rd St. vibrant Latino business district – there are lots of community options.

Richmond is a warm and welcoming city because of the diversity of its residents, businesspeople, land use and its historic contributions to the future of the nation.


– American Indian and Alaska Native 0.6%
– Asian 13.5%
– Black or African American 26.6%
– Hispanic or Latino 39.5%
– Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.5%
– White 31.4%

(Source US Census Bureau 2010 Demographic Profile SF, Table ID: DP-1)

Richmond’s LGBTQ Community


Richmond Rainbow Pride

Richmond Rainbow Pride (RRP) is a group of LGBTIQQ individuals and allies who live, work and/or play in or near Richmond, CA, coming together for the collective benefit of the LGBTIQQ community of Richmond.

RP creates spaces that are safe and welcoming to the LGBTIQQ community of Richmond; holds events of interest to the community; advocates for the interests of the community; and promotes LGBTIQQ visibility in the greater Richmond community.

Every third Friday is Richmond’s Rainbow evening from 7-8:30pm at Kaleidoscope Coffee, 109 Park Place in Pt. Richmond. Visitors are invited to come and hang out with other LGBTQ and join the conversation, storytelling, music and fun (open mic).  Kaleidoscope coffee is a place of community drawn together around good food, good drinks, storytelling and good friends.

Spiritual & Religious Diversity

Richmond has over 95 churches and 39.38% of the people in Richmond, CA are religious or affiliate with a religion according to the 2010 census. The migrations of people from all over the US in the 1930s and 40s, bringing their diverse religious beliefs and practices to Richmond, created a colorful fabric of religious diversity that exists to this day. There is respect for and sharing of core values in this welcoming community.

All Nations Church of God (510) 232-6441
Apostolic Temple of Truth (510) 235-0453
Barrett Avenue Christian Church (510) 233-8431
Bay Hills Community Church
Beacon Light Seventh- Day Adventist Church
Beautiful Redeemer Ministries (510) 778-1587
Beraca Baptist Church
Bethel Temple Pentecostal Church
Bethlehem Missionary Baptist –
Bible Way Missionary Baptist (510) 233-3674
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Changing Lives Christian (510) 669-1893
Church of Christ
Church off the Living God
Civic Center Church of Christ
Clinton Avenue Baptist Church (510) 232-2033
Davis Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Easter Hill United Methodist Church
Ekalesia Metotisi Sāmoa (510) 237-2057
El Golgota Assembly of God (510) 233-2408
Elisabeth Missionary Baptist (510) 236-5447
Ennis Chapel Church of God 510) 235-4217
Ephesians Church-God In Christ (510) 234-5049
Ever Ready Missionary Baptist 510) 237-1117
Faith Tabernacle AOH Church (510) 233-4304
First Church-Christ Scientist
First Mexican Baptist Church 510) 235-8016
First Presbyterian Church
Fountain of Life Church (770) 990-8275
Free Will Baptist Church (510) 235-6966
Fruit of the Harvest Church (510) 232-4415
Gloryland Apostolic Cathedral (510) 215-0522
God’s Lighthouse of Truth Church
Gospel Fellowship Church
Grace Bible Fellowship (510) 215-5724
Grace Lutheran Church 2369 Barrett Ave
Great Commission Christian Church
Greater Abundant Life Ministries (510) 233-2643
Greater El Bethel Baptist Church
Greater St Paul Baptist Church (510) 237-7170
Green Pastures Independent Faith Church (510) 234-6331
Harmony Missionary Baptist Church of Richmond CA
Hilltop Community Church
Hilltop Gospel Church
Holy Trinity/La Santisima Trinidad Church
Iglesia Cielos Abiertos (510) 253-4803
Iglesia De Cristo Sion Ministerios Llamada Final Richmond CA (510) 230-4572
Iglesia Espiritu Santo (510) 234-5810

Independent Holiness Church
Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Kingdom Land Baptist Church (510) 237-9709
Living Hope Neighborhood Church
Living Waters Assemblies-God (510) 233-1004
Macedonia Baptist Church (510) 232-5903
Mc Glothen Temple Church-God
Mt Carmel Missionary Baptist (510) 233-8105
Mt Zion Lutheran Church (510) 233-2299
Mt Zion Missionary Baptist 510) 236-1047
New Bethel Church Apostolic 510) 236-7882
New Gethsemane Church of God (510) 234-0655
New Hope Missonary Baptist Church (510) 234-4420
Open Door United Methodist Church
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
Parchester First Baptist Church (510) 233-2584
Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church (510) 234-7729
Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church
Providence Baptist Church
Reach Fellowship International
Renewed Hope Church (510) 236-2528
Resurrection AME Church 510) 235-6215
Richmond Korean Baptist Church (510) 234-8228
Saint David of Wales Roman Catholic Church
Saint James Lutheran Church (510) 647-8361
Sojourner Truth United Church 510) 222-2020
St Callistus Catholic Church
St Cornelius Catholic Church
St John Administration Building (510) 233-1779
St John Missionary Baptist Church
St John North Campus (510) 234-4139
St Luke Baptist Church (510) 234-7972
St Mark’s Catholic Church
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
St. Raphael the Archangel’s Liberal Catholic Church in the San Francisco Bay Area
Tabernacle of Praise Church (510) 233-8224
Temple Baptist Church 510) 525-9103
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
True Fellowship Baptist Church 510) 215-8322
Unity Church of Richmond 510) 235-0336
Vista Hills Community Church (510) 223-9180
WayPointe Christian Fellowship
Word God Ministries Richmond 510) 237-4723
Word Impact Christian Center (510) 215-2646
Yiu Mienh Baptist Church 510) 236-5017
Zion Hill Baptist Church (510) 236-9938
Zion Hill Baptist Church (510) 236-9938
Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church (510) 236-9938

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