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2310, 2019

A Letter to Art Lovers

A simple line painted with a brush can lead to freedom and happiness. - Joan Miró When I’m moved by a work of art, any number of things can happen. I might feel the urge to gaze at it, talk about it, but most of all, I want to share it - especially the diverse and exciting art and artists of Richmond! The First Brushstrokes Richmond Art Center's roots were planted by one woman in 1936. When local artist Hazel Salmi, who worked for the WPA (a New Deal agency),  traveled the streets of Richmond carrying a [...]

1406, 2019

Shaking it in the Streets & Our Homegrown Rosie

Richmond Loves a Great Event! Yes, every city loves their events. They bring the community together and give us a chance to show off ALL THAT GOOD ENERGY. But be forewarned - we love to shake it in the street! It might be a live band at a festival or an evening of Zumba, but we’re out there stepping to the beat together. Take a look and add these events to your calendar or itinerary – and we’ll see you there! SKIP TO EVENTS A Living Rosie Legacy at Visit Richmond How does a little [...]

1406, 2019

Our Homegrown Rosie

A Living Rosie Legacy at Visit Richmond How does a little girl grow up in Richmond without knowing about Rosie the Riveter, and then go on to carry the torch for her hero? Let me share a little bit about Desiree Heveroh, our Office Manager and Rosie, with you. It’s hard to describe just how much Rosie the Riveter means to Desiree. But I’ve witnessed it in many ways: in how animated she becomes talking about Rosie; in her excitement when she can "dress Rosie" for an event; in her anticipation of ANY Rosie-related event, including the annual Rosie [...]

2503, 2019

When the Big Boat Show comes to Richmond

When Sail America, the trade association for the U.S. sailing industry, moved their West Coast boat show from Oakland to Richmond, Richmond embraced the challenge. In its first year, even though extremely bad weather hit Richmond, the show was a hit. Last year the show was amazing and this year it’s shaping up to give us, at Visit Richmond, even more to be excited about! If you’re local or traveling to the show, we hope you can visit at least two out of the four show days, April 4-7 2019, to take in all that one of the West [...]